Cheap car insurance in the UK - the top insurers

Getting a car insurance policy that suits your needs and budget is very important. Because of this it is often worthwhile researching as many insurers as possible. The following are some of the top companies selling cheap car insurance in the UK.

Elephant Car Insurance

Elephant are an online car insurance provider and have been providing cheap insurance policies for over ten years. Customers save on average £150 on the best alternative price. Comprehensive policies include free courtesy car and personal injury cover as standard. They have a secure quote facility that provides a quote in minutes.

Tesco Insurance

Tesco provide a range of cheap car insurance options with a number of benefits and extras. They have a value option that gives you no frills cover at a low cost. They also allow you to choose optional breakdown cover that has 4 main levels. Tesco Clubcard holders qualify for a discount of 15% and there is a 10% online discount available.

Churchill Insurance

Churchill started selling cheap insurance in 1989 and were one of the first direct motor insurers in the UK. Policy benefits include 24 hour accident claims helpline and repairs guaranteed for 5 years. They also offer a no claims bonus of up to 65%. Other savings include only driver discount and multi-car discount.

Aviva Insurance

Aviva provide car insurance policies that start at £194. They provide instant quotes online and have a hassle free claims process. They are currently offering a 20% discount on premiums when you buy directly from the Aviva website.

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