Cheap car insurance options in Ireland

Insurance prices are rising regardless of weather people have made a claim are not. When you consider that the cost of motoring is rising almost every day with the price of fuel increasing its no wonder people are looking to make savings where ever they can.

Good news then for motorists in Ireland, there has never been a better time to shop around for a quote for cheap car insurance in Ireland.

FBD insurance were traditionally a farmers insurance broker but recently they have branched out and are making quite aggressive players into the motor insurance market. On their website they boast some excellent offers such as 3rd party fire and theft for a 30 year old male on a 1.9 litre vehicle for only €483. This is cheaper than Allianz and Aviva. Get a quick quote from http://www.fbd.ie/.

Quinn Direct offer massive incentives to switch to their coverage. With promises of up to 85% discounts for online quotes. This is made up of a 10% reduction for online applications and a huge 75% no claims bonus. Visit http://www.quinn-direct.com/ for all online quotes.

123.ie have been offering quick online quotes on their website http://www.123.ie/ that are quite competitively priced. Anyone looking to change or renew their coverage should check their website for a quick quote that could save hundreds.

Finally BestQuote.ie, a new operator are leading their marketing advertisements with a price point of €240 for fully comprehensive insurance. This offer is based on vehicle difference and driving experience but is very competitively priced in the market.

We recommend contacting all the brokers and shopping around for the best deal available.

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