Looking for cheap cheap car insurance with no no claims

Have you got no No Claims bonus, but you're still looking to try and secure a great deal on Car Insurance? Even if you haven't got years of clean driving behind you, there is one company that will look after you for cheap car insurance no no claims. So lets take a look.

More and more car drivers are beginning to cotton on to the fact that they can get unbelievably cheap car cover from Tesco Car Insurance. the shopping giant has branched out into the insurance market, and their products offer unrivalled value for money and protection.

If you apply online on their website at http://www.tescobank.com/personal/finance/insurance/carins/index.html, Tesco will even offer you a 10% discount. The discounts keep coming if you are a Tesco Clubcard holder as they believe that eight out of every ten drivers with a Clubcard will save money on their premiums.

The key benefits of a Tesco Car Insurance policy are as follows: You'll get a small courtesy car whil yours is being repaired, optional breakdown cover, 24 hour accident helpline, Cover while driving in Europe, Replacement Car seat for children, protect your no claims discount, and the option to go paperless.

The bones of their policies are as follows: There's a choice of voluntary excess, Personal Accident cover, cover for fire and theft, cover for personal possessions, and cover for Stereo systems and Sat Nav equipment. You can apply for a policy online within second from Tesco, so check them out today and get saving on your Car Insurance.

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