Find cheap car insurance not on comparison websites

Getting a new Car Insurance quote can be a chore with so much choice and variety on the market. You're probably dazzled by the amount of price comparison sites like Compare the Market and Money Supermarket out there, but did you know that getting a direct quote from a provider can often be cheaper?

While the comparison sites will claim they provide the cheapest quotes, often companies will reward you for going to them directly with generous discounts, so cheap car insurance not on comparison websites is very much attainable.

Perhaps one of the best, and more importantly cheapest, insurance providers in the UK right now is Admiral, who you can find online at http://www.admiral.com. Admiral specialise in helping the "downtrodden" of the insurance market, young drivers, urban drivers and people driving performance enhanced cars, so they are well versed in providing cheap quotes to drivers.

Subscribers to an Admiral policy receive plenty of benefits, including Free guaranteed courtesy car, £100,000 legal expenses cover, £5,000 Personal injury cover, Free European cover, Free windscreen cover, Personal Belongings Cover, Bonus Match to other insurers, Easy Payment and the ability to be insured on other cars.

You can get a single car quote, or a multi-car quote online off them within minutes by entering a few simple details. Alternatively you can call them at their call centre is you'd prefer to speak to a human about your insurance needs. Check them out today and see if you can save any money.

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