How to get cheap car insurance with penalty points

Looking for cheap car insurance with penalty points? You'll soon realise that the best deals on car insurance are reserved for squeaky clean drivers - those who are over the age of 25, who have built a significant no claims bonus, and, crucially, have a clean license with no penalty points.

So if you, like many motorists, have penalty points on your license, you could end up paying over the odds for your car insurance. In fact, according to lawontheweb.co.uk, someone with 6 penalty points from a couple of minor driving offences typically pays between 28% and 44% more for their car insurance than someone with a clean license.

But there is good news. Many insurers are now recognising that a few minor speeding offences doesn't make you a bad driver. In fact, some insurers have decided that speeding fines are so common that they no longer signify that the driver is risky to cover.

Swinton Insurance were one of the first major insurers to announce that anyone with six or nine points on their license would be treated as if they had a clean license. They now offer the same good value deals to all drivers, regardless of points.

A Swinton spokesman said: "Penalty points used to be the yardstick for dangerous drivers, but with up to 10million drivers collecting them, they are so common place that they have almost become pointless."

Many other insurers have since followed suit - read the fine print on their websites for more details.

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