If you want cheap hoilday insurance, we've got everything you need to know

When it comes time for the holidays, you've got enough to be worrying about with all your packing, making sure the pets are being looked after, arranging for your post to be collected, having someone around to look after your house and making sure you don't leave any of the kids behind (unless that was your plan all along!) without needing the additional strain of worrying whether or not your holiday insurance will be up to scratch.

We appreciate that, and being the nice people that we are, we want to help insure that you can find the best cheap hoilday insurance available to make your trip memorable for all the right reasons!

There are countless companies out there vying for your attention, as well as your money, so it's important to know exactly what your requirements are when it comes to holiday insurance.

The most common types offered are single trip insurance which covers you for one return trip to and from your holiday destination, as well as your time spent there, annual insurance which covers you for multiple trips abroad, backpacker insurance which is an absolute must have for anyone who is planning a long multi-stop getaway across the continents and sports insurance which comes in many varieties, all which will cover you for a different range of potentially dangerous or extreme activities such as diving, mountain biking or skiing.

Once you have decided what exactly you need from your holiday insurance package, it's time to find the right insurance company for you. Our pick is www.direct-travel.co.uk who offer single trip insurance from £2.06 per person, annual insurance from £14.95 per person, backpacker insurance from £22.93 per person and ski insurance from £5.18 per person.

You can get a quote from their website, or give them a call on 0845 605 2700 during office hours.

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