Get your cheap holiday insurance at the Post Office!

Travel insurance is one precaution that you can't afford to be without - as the old saying goes: "If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel". But that doesn't mean you need to shell out for an expensive policy; we recommend the cheap holiday insurance from the Post Office.

Their single trip travel insurance covers trips from one to 90 days, including cancellation cover that begins the moment that you purchase your policy.

The Post Office have three levels of cover: Premium, Classic and Basic. Basic is the cheapest option, and as the name suggests, it covers the essentials. This includes cancellation and curtailment up to £500, delayed departure up to £200, missed departure up to £500, medical expenses up to £5 million, hospital benefit of £500, personal accident up to £10,000, legal expenses up to £15,000, and personal liability up to £2 million. The maximum excess is £200.

You can also tailor your basic cover to include only the options that you need. Optional add-on coverages include:

  • winter sports cover
  • golfing cover
  • hazardous activities (like scuba diving and mountain biking)
  • extended baggage
  • no excess fee

The Post Office are also willing to consider holiday insurance for people with pre existing medical conditions. Give them a call on 0845 602 5275 to discuss policy options.

Making a claim is easy with the Post Office. Their 24 hours a day claims helpline can be reached at 0845 602 5279. Make sure to hold onto any documents or evidence, like receipts, police reports and written confirmation.

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