Let's find cheap insurance for new drivers over 25

If you're over 25 then there's no reason you should be overpaying on your morot insurance policy! Statistically speaking, you're in the group of the safest motorists on the road, so let's see what we can do about getting you cheap insurance for new drivers over 25 years of age.

Our tip to getting cheap insurance is to check out what Direct Line have on offer on their motor insurance page at http://www.directline.com/motor/newimprovedcar.htm. Direct Line are one of the UK's biggest names in insurance and they specialise in insuring drivers over the age of 25, with no claims. If you fit into this group, then there are some big savings to be made.

Some of the perks currently being offered by Direct Line include: extremely low premiums thanks to their pioneering anti-fraud technology. Vandalism cover that protects your no claims discount as standard. Named drivers earn their own no-claims discount. If you're hit by an uninsured driver they will cover your excess. They will also clean all repaired cars inside and out before returning them.

The benefits of a Direct Line policy doesn't end there. The company also offers some amazing bundle deals, meaning you will get a big discount on their Home Insurance offering, as well as up to 25% off their impressive breakdown cover.

Direct Line can be reached on their website, or over the phone on 08452462368. If you're over 25 and need a quote, then don't hesitate to check them out today and save.

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