Cheap car insurance for Ireland

Car insurance can be one of the most frustrating things in the world. For young drivers it can be very expensive and for more experienced drivers premiums can go up even if they have not had an accident or claim against their cover.

123.ie is a website designed to make the job of insurance much easier. Offering a wide variety of policies such as motor insurance, home insurance, pet and even travel insurance.

By using their website http://www.123.ie/ you can get a quick, hassle free quote for cover enabling you to shop around and get the best deal available.

Quinn Direct are another experience insurance broker that offers more than just coverage. With all policies including free breakdown cover, a 24 hour help line and discounts for having multiple policies with the broker. For instance if you insure more than one car with them you can save up to 10% from your premiums. Their website is http://www.quinn-direct.com.

AXA insurance aims to get your business with aggressive marketing techniques. Offering 10% off for online applications and up to a  massive 75% off for no claims bonus. Go to http://www.axa.ie/ for a quick quote and remember, the 10% and the 75% can stack for massive savings.

NoNonsense.ie are making big waves with their claims of giving people the cover that they need, avoiding complicated policies that people don't need and bringing cheap insurance to Ireland. Visit their website on http://www.nononsense.ie/ for a quick quote that aims to beat your current policy price.

One should shop around to get the best price and remember to not be afraid to ask for a discount.


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