Cheap Irish Car Insurance

The average cost of running a car in Ireland has risen by over €600 in the last 12 months thanks to rising fuel and insurance costs.

Obscenely for careful drivers, people who have not made a claim on their policy may experience rising premiums as the insurance industry seeks to balance their own books.

Now then is the perfect time to shop around for car insurance, IE get quotes and plenty of them. Many companies offer a variety of offers such as price matching, online discounts and massive no claims bonuses.

Getting the best prices is achieved by using websites that offer quick quote facilities.

Websites such as BestQuote.ie, this site boasts comprehensive car insurance for a female driver of a 1.4L car for €250. This package is available online only and is dependent on other factors such as where you live and your driving history but it is surely an excellent place to begin.

Axa insurance offers massive discounts to its prices for safe drivers who apply online. Simply by applying online you are eligible for their 10% online bonus discount but this can be stacked with their no claims bonus with can some up to a massive 75% which can be combined with the online bonus to give a maximum 85% discount off premiums. Find their best deals at their website axa.ie.

NoNonsense.ie aims to offer cheap appropriate cover for drivers, a quick quote facility on their websites lets you get an offer within minutes. They also aim to be the best provider of cover so will attempt to match or better other prices.

By using a combination of these sites and offerings you should be able to get the best cover for you.

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