Some tips on how to find cheap motorbike insurance for young riders

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Finding cheap motorbike insurance for young riders can prove to be a challenging task. The younger generation is seen as more of a risk due to having a lack of experience. An older more experienced rider can often get their insurance at a fraction of what it may cost a 16 year old. We have some pointers on how you can help to keep your premium to a minimum.

  1. Shop around - Use motorbike insurance comparison websites such as comparethemarket.com or thebikeinsurer.co.uk. Comparison sites search a wide range of insurers to find you the best price!
  2. Security devices - You could save a large amount if you can prove to your insurers that you have good strong chains and locks to keep your bike secure. Always try to use locks and chains that are "Thatcham Approved"
  3. Try to buy new - There are some great deals including free bike insurance if you buy your bike new from a reliable garage
  4. Buy online - Most insurance companies offer a discount of up to 20% simply by purchasing your policy online!
  5. Build a no claims bonus - Building a strong no claims discount bonus will entitle you to up to 80% off your premium in years to come.

One of the best bike insurance comparison websites we know about is thebikeinsurer.co.uk. For over ten years they have been providing cheap motorbike insurance for young riders. With policies including temporary bike cover and modified bike insurance, you will have no problem finding cover to suit you!

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