Lets try and find cheap motorbike insurance in Ireland

If you're sick of the spiralling costs of taking your car to work, from petrol to exhorbitant parking costs, then have you considered getting out on the open road on two wheels and getting yourself a motorbike? Traffic will become a distant memory to you as you whizz past it, but there are still one or two important considerations before you go buying the bike.

Just like your car, you'll need to take out a Motorbike Insurance policy before you can get going. So in this blog, we'll be pointing you towards some seriously cheap motorbike insurance in Ireland. Not a lot of providers currently offer motor bike cover in Ireland, but we believe we can find you a good deal regardless!

Aon, famous for being the shirt sponsors of Manchester Utd, offer a brilliant motorbike insurance policy on their site at http://www.aonbikecare.ie. Under the terms of the policy, you'll get some unbelievable benefits like being allowed to ride other bikes, Protected Bonus, Keep your No Claims bonus after a theft claim, Replacement of helmets and safety apparel, and New for Old replacement cover.

The meat of the policy is just as impressive, with Motorcycle Rescue cover included, a 24/7 Claims service, Discounted Leisure breaks, and access to AXA Plus for all customers.

If you want to get a quote, you simply fill out a small form on their site. So check out Aon today, and see if they can save you anything on their bike cover!

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