Let's find cheap Motorcycle Insurance in ireland

If the idea of getting on two wheels and hitting the road appeals to you, then you've probably already made the alarming discovery about just how expensive Motorbike Insurance is in Ireland. That's if you can get a company to cover you!

Your Motor Biking dreams don't have to hit the skids though, we've got a brilliant suggestion for where to look to get cheap motorcycle insurance in Ireland, and also, how you can bring that reasonable premium down even further.

Our suggestion is to check out Quinn-Direct.com and click on their motor cycle tab. Let's check out what they're offering. Quinn offer the following Motorcycle cover levels. Third Party, Third Party, Fire and Theft, and fully comprehensive.

All policy holders receive the following perks: Competitive Pricing, Easy Monthly payment plan, Generous No Claims Discount, 24hr Claims Hotline, Free Breakdown Cover, and optional legal cover.

They also offer further discounts on their premiums if you reach the required standard in their "Rider Assessment" program. So if you can show them you're a competent biker, it will reflect in a lower policy.

The Rider Assessment is not an exam, so there's nothing to get too worried about! Instead it is more of "an assessment of the different skills required to ride a motorcycle safely". If you look on the Quinn website you can find a list of the accredited centres who can carry out the assessment for you. We can't recommend doing this enough as it will make a massive difference to the amount you pay!


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