Save money with cheap one day car insurance uk

If you only need cover for a short period of time, then there's no need to take out a year policy, let us introduce you to cheap one day car insurance uk, it will save you a fortune!

Short Term Car Insurance is designed for customers who are looking to cover a car or van for a period between 1 to 28 days. It is ideal if you're temporarily taking a loan of a car, or else test driving a new motor you may be buying.

It can also help young drivers build up a history of cover without incident, and is a cheaper alternative to the crippling premiums they would likely be charged to insure for a year. So, where can you get a cheap short term insurance policy from?

Aviva, one of the UK's biggest insurance providers, is an expert in short term insurance, and you can check out their policy offers at - http://www.aviva.co.uk/short-term-car-insurance/. An Aviva policy carries a number of benefits. There include: Quick policy approval (often within minutes), Uninsured loss recovery included with every policy and it doesn't affect any no-claims discount already in place on the car.

Aviva will also allow you to top up the policy with a number of optional extras including comprehensive cover while driving in Europe, and temporary breakdown cover. To get a quote, visit their site, or else give them a call on 0871 811 7100. If you give them a call, the insurance will be in place as soon as the call ends!

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