Don't get stung: find cheap over 65 travel insurance

Judging by some of the quotes for travel insurance for senior citizens, insurance companies seem to think that they should all be sitting at home with a blanket over their knees watching Antiques Roadshow. Haven't they heard that 60 is the new 40? For the legion of adventurous pensioners it is possible to find relatively cheap over 65 travel insurance if you shop around online.

Use a comparison site like www.comparethemarket.com or www.money.co.uk to gather some raw figures. This will give you some idea of the cheapest providers and the level of cover they offer.

The disparity can be startling. For example, the cost of a week's cover for a single trip to the Algarve ranges from a bargain basement £8.40 for a Silver policy with insurefortravel.co.uk to a staggering £296.48 for a comprehensive Green Insurance senior policy.

In general, depending on your circumstances and health, short trips to most EU countries can be covered for a premium of around £15 if you are not too worried about small excess charges, and don't want to insure against cancellation. Some insurers tend to hike up the cancellation cover premiums for over 65s, presumably on the assumption that seniors are more susceptible to health scares.

Where over 65s travel insurance can become prohibitively expensive is when you are booking long-haul holidays for extended periods. This is when you really do have to spend a few hours in front of the laptop to get the best prices.

Don't be tempted to gloss over any health problems. It is always better to be honest from the outset. If it subsequently emerges that you concealed a pre-existing health concern, it could render your insurance void.

If you travel regularly and extensively, or just more than 3 times a year, an annual policy could be the best way to find cheap over 65 travel insurance.

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