Cheap personal car leasing deals in the UK

When consumers buy a vehicle, they are paying for the full cost of the vehicle. The full costs include maintenance, mileage, principal and interest payments incurred. There are a high percentage of consumers who must qualify for a loan if they decide to buy a vehicle.

When consumers lease a vehicle, they are purchasing a portion of the cost of the car. Consumers are essentially purchasing a period of time to drive a new vehicle. People can find cheap personal car leasing deals in the UK at a variety of businesses.

Best Car Finder

One company that provides cheap personal car leasing deals in the UK is Best Car Finder. They provide free delivery of the vehicle. Also, the lease programs include road tax, fixed monthly costs and a full warranty by the manufacturer.

Buyers can get a Nissan Juke for £160. The contract term is for 48 months, and customers must pay 6 payments in advance. The Nissan Juke uses petrol for fuel, has power steering, MP3 and CD player, electric windows and air conditioning.

Another option is the Renault Clio. This 16 valve engine has 3 doors and can be leased at £140 per month. The lease term is for 48 months, and there is no maintenance plan with this vehicle. Six payments must be paid in advance as part of the lease contract. It features Bluetooth technology, MP3 player, electric windows, rear wipers and tinted windows.

The cheap personal car leasing deals in the UK will depend on the lease package that is offered. When deciding whether to lease or buy a vehicle, some factors such as the price of the car, down payment, monthly lease payment, lease terms and interest rate will determine what your lease package will be.

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