Cheap personal car leasing with no deposit

Leasing a car can be financial benefit to consumers who want to save on costs, do not drive often and seek to drive a new vehicle every few years. Consumers can obtain cheap personal car leasing with no deposit from a variety of businesses. There are some negatives to leasing a car. Lease terms may not allow you to drive over the contracted mileage amount. Some companies require that you have a good credit history. Another issue involves maintenance of the vehicle. There are firms that offer free maintenance and others that add a fee to the monthly lease payment. One company offers cheap personal car leasing with no deposit that serves all of the United Kingdom. Toomey Eurolease has been in business for 15 years and is part of the Toomey Motor Group. They provide personal leasing programs on a variety of vehicles.

Toomey Eurolease Vehicles

One cheap personal car leasing with no deposit at Toomey is the Ford Fiesta. This 3-door vehicle is a personal lease with a £219 monthly payment. The car has metallic paint and cloth seats, and uses diesel fuel and manual transmission. The retail price of the car is £13,895. Other features include electric windows, Bluetooth technology and air conditioning. Toomey Eurolease offers 12 months of road tax and free home delivery.

Another vehicle offered by Toomey is the Peugeot 5008. This 1.6 valve engine comes with a manual transmission, electric windows and air conditioning. It runs on petrol. The recommended retail price is £17,995. Other features include the Bluetooth phone technology, alloy wheels and free home delivery.

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