How to get cheap provisional driving insurance

Cheap provisional driving insurance - Get discounts

  1. Get good grades in school
  2. Buy your insurance in bulk

Get good grades

Do you know that you can qualify for a discount simply by getting good grades in school? This is because someone who does well in school reflects on her potential to be good on the road too. In other words, insurance companies reward safe drivers. Find out the minimum grade required to get a discount (which is usually at 10 per cent).

Buy in bulk

You already know that you save when you buy in bulk at the supermarket. The good news is that the same rule applies when you buy insurance. Fulfill all your insurance needs by using the same company. If there is more than one car in the household, get the insurance from the same company. You can do the same with your home insurance and so on. Not only will you get a discount, it gets more convenient for you to deal with the same company.

Go to GoCompare.com

Use this site to compare tens of car insurance quotes and save up to nearly 1,400 pounds. This site has schemes that are designed just for young drivers like you, who hold a provisional driving licence.

Go to quinn-direct.co.uk

This site claims to offer learner driver insurance from as low as under 450 pounds.

What else you need to know

Shop and compare because the rates do vary, from as high as 2,000 pounds to as low as 700 pounds.

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