How to choose the best cheap ski travel insurance

We have carefully selected three of the best cheap ski travel insurance deals according to price, coverage and extra features.

Eligibility for the lowest prices depends on several factors, including your age (travellers aged less than 65 have more options), health (pre-existing health problems often cause problems), and the destination of your trip (ski resorts in Europe can afford cheaper travel insurance).

Essential Travel - from £15.83 per week

Alongside all of the usual cheap ski travel insurance staples like coverage against personal injury (up to £10 million), coverage against the damage of your ski equipment, coverage against piste closure, and protections against cancellations, delays and other inconvenient possibilities, the Essential Travel deal prides itself on its flexible approach to people with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The website at essentialtravel.co.uk has an online medical screening test that allows you to assess your own situation.

Insure and Go - from less than £15 per week

A good cheap ski travel insurance option with all the regular coverage, including almost every winter sport you can think of: skiing, off-piste skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snow mobiling. This deal also has the useful bonus of allowing 3 children free protection when accompanied by 1 paying adult. Check out their offer at insureandgo.com.

Columbus Direct - from £8 per week

Definitely the option to go for if you're looking for cheap ski travel insurance with all the necessary coverage but without some of the extras provided by other companies. The Columbus Direct ski plan includes all of the benefits of the standard comprehensive travel insurance coverage, with some additional specific ski protection including cover against the damage or theft of ski equipment (whether private or rented) and cover against the closure of the piste or ski lifts at your ski resort. Visit columbusdirect.com for more information.

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