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Are you looking for cheap travel insurance in the UK? There are a huge number of people in the UK that go abroad without travel insurance each year. They are leaving themselves open to huge bills without adequate cover. Travel insurance has become increasingly cheap in recent years and it is a great safeguard for any unexpected events that may occur while on holiday.

One of the cheapest companies offering travel insurance in the UK is insureandgo.com. They offer single trip, annual multi trip, backpackers and ski insurance while travelling. They have no upper age limit on their policies and kids go for free - which is a bonus for families.

They offer annual travel insurance for as little as £29. This policy covers unlimited trips, with each trip covered for up to 90 days at a time. For as little as £6 you can be covered for a single trip to a European destination of your choice. The policy also includes up to 50 sports and kids are included for free.

Another great company offering travel insurance is essentialtravel.co.uk. This company offers single trip travel insurance from £6.94 a week and annual insurance from £32.99. The policies cover up to £10 million medical cover, £3,000 cancellation, £1,500 lost baggage and kids go for free.

There is no doubt that a while the majority of holidays pass without incident, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. With the affordability of travel insurance today, it is worth taking out a policy for peace of mind.

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