How to find cheap travel insurance for pensioners

Going on holiday is an expensive time and travel insurance just adds onto that. However, it is possible to find cheap travel insurance for pensioners if you are prepared to shop around, which is worth doing even if it will take some time. Here are just a few options available to you.

The first is to shop online at Moneysupermarket.com. This website will search all the different providers and then offer you the best deals available. You just have to fill in one simple form, which will cover all the questions that insurance providers could ask you. Once you have the list of quotes, you use the website to buy it. It not only saves you money but time too.

Fairinvestment.co.uk is another website to use when it comes to comparing the prices of different cover providers. There is a section specific to finding cheap travel insurance for pensioners and buying online will gain you discounts with many companies. Take your time to look at deals from top insurers, including Marks and Spencers, American Express and Saga.

The Post Office offers cheap deals on travel insurance and you can do it while you are in town for your weekly shopping. There is a reasonable rate and all you will be asked is where you’re going and how long for. The length of travel is what most of the cost is based on unlike some providers, so you will benefit if you are just opting for a weekend break to Europe with your friends.

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