Cheap travel insurance for people with pre existing conditions (inc. pancreatitis)

If you're somebody with a pre existing medical condition, then you'll be aware of the pain of sorting out insurance for your holidays. A lot of insurance companies won't entertain the idea of giving you a quote, and if they do, it won't keep you protected in the event of your condition flaring up.

There are a few companies that fly in the face of this conventional wisdom, and one of these is Free Spirit insurance, who you can find online at http://www.free-spirit.com/. Free Spirit are different because they specialise in cheap travel insurance for people with pre existing conditions (inc. pancreatitis), so if you've got a holiday coming up, they're well worth a look.

Free Spirit offer fully comprehensive Travel Insurance policies to people with pre existing problems, and most medical conditions are covered. They are also perfect for the older traveller as they have no upper age limit on single trip or annual multi trip cover. If you are aged up to 79, you can take out one of their policies online, but if you are older, you'll have to give them a call at 0845 230 5000.

Some of the perks presented by their policies include Online medical screening and instant quotes online, your travelling companions will also be covered, there's an option to "top up" the cancellation limit, there's cover for Medical Aids and Prescribed Medicines, and you have full access to their 24 hours a day seven days a week emergency helpline.

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