Cheap travel insurance for a single trip - where to get it

Travel insurance is one of the first things you need to get when travelling. The following are some of the top insurers offering cheap travel insurance for a single trip.

Direct Travel

Direct Travel provides a range of travel insurance policies that are great value. They provide excellent single trip cover for holidays and business travel. Policies include £20 million cover for medical expenses and up to 100 sports and activities. These policies also include 24 hour access to an emergency assistance line. Single trip cover starts from just £2.06 a day.

Insure and Go

Insure and Go provide great travel single trip insurance policies for one off holidays or business trips. Their single trip policies provide comprehensive cover that is flexible and cheap. Cover is available for trips from 3 days up to 365 days in length. Cover includes medical expenses, loss or damage to belongings, travel delays, personal liabilities and support with legal costs.

Columbus Direct

Columbus Direct is a leading travel insurance specialist with almost 25 years experience. They provide great value travel insurance for single trips and holidays from just £2.99. This cover ranges from 1 to 365 days and cover is available for pre existing medical conditions. They also have up to £2,500 baggage cover which includes valuable and delayed baggage.

Tesco Insurance

Tesco Insurance offer three levels of cover for single trip travel insurance. These are value, standard and finest. Coverage for all levels includes emergency medical expenses, hospital benefit, trip cancellation and lost personal possessions. Extras include winter sports and equipment cover.

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