Finding Cheap Travel Insurance Coverage for Trips to Cuba

The next holiday that takes you overseas is the time to consider making a visit to the exciting tropical island of Cuba. One should never leave home for a foreign destination without travel insurance. International travellers of all ages need travel insurance to protect against trip interruptions and holiday mishaps. Travel insurance covers these possibilities and lets you book with peace of mind.

Quite large for an island in the Caribbean, Cuba welcomes tourists with a distinct blend of the old and the new. The warm breezes, delightful beaches, spicy dishes and hot music attract repeat visitors year-round to savour its excellent tourist facilities. Still holiday makers in Cuba need assurances against trip interruptions.  With cheap travel insurance, you can dress smartly, get home if you are ill or reschedule your holidays if bad weather interrupts your trip to Cuba.

Travel Insurance in Cuba

You can get cheap travel insurance at your arrival airport in Cuba from Asistur, the official Cuban government insurance company. It costs about two pounds per day, but travellers ages 70 and older pay an additional two pounds per day. This mandatory travel insurance only covers medical treatment. If you land without insurance coverage, you must purchase a policy from Asistur before entry.

UK Single Trip Travel Insurance

Travel insurance providers in the UK offer policies with emergency medical coverage, baggage and trip cancellation insurance. The best prices for a single trip of eight days travel insurance from Insure and Go is just over 10 pounds. This cover for your eight-day holiday runs you just over one pound per day.

UK Annual and Family Travel Insurance

The annual multi-trip travel insurance from Insure and Go is an even better buy. It covers you throughout the world, including the USA and the rest of the Caribbean for only 55 pounds. If you make more than one trip in the covered areas in a year, your daily cost is much less than when you buy single trip insurance.

Families travelling to Cuba save big when buying cheap travel insurance to Cuba from Insure and Go because they don't charge for kids. The single trip and annual premium per adult provides travel insurance cover for three kids under 18 free.

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