How to find cheap travel insurance to New Zealand

We have gone to the trouble of rounding up the best options available for cheap travel insurance to New Zealand. This means that you can take this information and make a quick and informed decision on a reliable insurance package that will see you enjoy your time in New Zealand all the more.

Great travel insurance at highly competitive prices are available on Travel Insurance.co.uk. When getting your quote then you can choose single trip for your visit to New Zealand. Visit www.travelinsurance.co.uk today and get yourself a quote.

A sample quote for a 26 year old travelling to the Australia/ New Zealand region for 30 days comes in at £26 per person for a basic plan. This plan covers all the usuals such as Medical Expenses, Flight Cancellation, and Personal Accidents with lost baggage optional.

Should you require more cover in areas such as Missed Departures, Pet Care, Personal Money and Hijackings then they offer a Silver Package for 30 days from £44. The top package, The Gold Package, costs just over £55 per person for 30 days and this package covers extras such as Supplier Insolvency, Business Cover, Golf Cover and Winter Sports cover which could come in handy in a country like New Zealand.

Another great provider of cheap travel insurance to New Zealand is Multi Trip.com. They also offer 3 levels of cover with their Essential package costing £27 for our sample 26 year old traveller for 30 days in the Aus/NZ region. Their premier package is available for £31 and their premier plus package comes in at around £38. Visit www.multitrip.com for a personal quote.

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