Cheap travel insurance to South Africa: what coverage do you need?

With cheap travel insurance to South Africa, it might look like you're getting a great deal. But what happens when you go to make a claim and discover that the excess is extortionately high? Or even worse, that your policy doesn't cover your particular circumstances?

By all means, search for a travel insurance bargain. Insurance comparison sites - like Compare the Market and Money Supermarket - are fantastic tools for making sure that you're getting a good deal on your policy. Simply enter the dates of your holiday to South Africa and they will return a list of insurers and the prices that they will cover you for.

However, don't automatically select the cheapest deal. As well as comparing the premium prices, you should look at the levels of excess and - crucially - what coverage your policy is buying.

With any insurance product, it's vital that you read the small print. Don't risk impulse purchases - your health is too important to gamble with. For example, many people who travel to South Africa enjoy visits to safari parks, like Kruger National Park. But did you know that many standard travel insurance policies don't include safaris? That means that if you were to have an accident on safari, you would be liable to pay the costs - which could easily run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Likewise, if you intend to do any scuba diving, snorkelling, horseback riding or even hiking, check that you travel insurance will cover you. If it doesn't, find a policy that will. Enjoy your holidays in South Africa!

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