Find cheap single trip travel insurance to the USA

Finding travel insurance to the USA requires choosing a worldwide policy which can be considerably more expensive than the European policies offered by many insurance companies.

We have looked at the market and chosen some of the best worldwide deals which are valid in the USA and will save you some money without sacrificing protection.

One of the most dominant travel insurance companies on the internet, Insure and Go offer a cheap travel insurance for travel to the USA with a decent coverage and average price. Its cheapest Single Trip insurance policy manages to save money starting from just £21.50, but in order to enjoy such an offer it's necessary to forgo some of the protection of more substantial plans.

The cheap budget deal offers no protection against baggage loss, the insolvency of your holiday supplier, in the event of a hijacking, or for missing a departure. The maximum in medical expenses is also limited to £5,000,000, compared to the £15,000,000 of the Gold package. Check out your options at insureandgo.com.

By far the most extensive coverage, and thus probably the best cheap travel insurance to the USA, is the Single Trip Amber policy by Columbus Direct. This can be purchased online at columbusdirect.com.

With it, your baggage is protected and you are insured against cancellations (to £750 and £500 respectively), and your medical expenses are covered up to £10,000,000, twice that of the Insure and Go Budget deal. All this from just £9.50 for one week, less than half of the cost.

Similarly, the Holidays Extras Supersaver, which can be bought at holidaysextra.co.uk, offers just £5,000,000 for medical expenses but a much larger protection range for baggage and cancellations, totalling £1,500 and £3,000 respectively - starting from the incredibly cheap price of £12.50.

To find cheap travel insurance to the USA that's ideally suited to your own individual preferences, try searching a price comparison website, for example moneysupermarket.com.

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