How to find cheaper home insurance

There are two different types of home insurance, contents insurance and buildings insurance. If you want to protect your belongings from theft, loss or damage, contents insurance is what you need. In order to protect your property from damage and to insure against the cost of a rebuild in the event of a man-made or natural disaster, you will need buildings insurance. Of course, these two insurance types are equally as valuable, which is why it is always advised people take out a dual policy that covers them both. Before you start looking for cheaper home insurance, there are a few things you can do yourself to bring down your monthly premiums.

When insurance companies work out how much your monthly insurance premiums will be, they do so using a risk calculator. This helps them understand how much of a risk your home is of being burgled or becoming a victim of fire or floods. Therefore by making a few changes and obtaining a little bit of information, you could end up with cheaper home insurance.

An insurance company is much more likely to offer you cheaper home insurance if you have adequate security measures taken out for your property. Secure fencing, a locked gate to any land you have at the rear of your property and an effective alarm, will all be looked on favourably when your insurance is assessed. Outside lighting, in particular motion sensors near entry and exit points, will also help reduce your premium.

Ensuring your home is in good physical shape is also a good idea. If you have slates on your roof, check they are secure and you do not have any missing, this may be seen as weakness when looked at by the insurance company. You should also have your home checked for subsidence, and weak foundations. Reinforcing pins in the foundation of your home, can also result in cheaper home insurance as your home will be able to withstand bad weather better.

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