Cheapest areas to buy a house in the UK

In order to get yourself on the property market or to move your family into some large enough to accommodate them you might need to consider moving to the cheapest areas to buy a house in the UK. The sort of house you’re after, the areas you’re willing to consider and your budget play a major part in this but we’ll give you an idea of where to start your house hunting.
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A recent survey named North Ormesby in Middlesbrough as the cheapest place to live in the UK. When the national average for housing is £272,000, the fact that homes in North Ormesby go for a staggering average price of £57,480 begs a few questions. A two bed property in the town can sell for as little as £30,000. To give you an idea of how ridiculously cheap that it, the average price of a similar properyty in the cheapest area of London is £172,000. In order to be the least expensive area, it stands to reason that this is an area where supply outstrips demands which begs the question – why do people not want to live there?

Other places

There are of course lots of areas of England that have reasonable housing prices but you’ll need to go to Wales or Northern Ireland to get yourself into the most affordable properties in the UK. In Wales the average house price is £172,000. In Northern Ireland the average value is also lower than it is in England but experts believe that it will increase by 4% a year while the expectations are that other places in the UK will only experience a 3% jump year on year. If you’re looking to move into England or you want to remain in the country, you’ll need to move to the North East to find the most affordable places. Of course, moving to get a great value property is only good if you can find work.

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