On the hunt for the cheapest backpacker insurance?

If you're thinking of taking a year out to go travelling then perhaps the most important thing you'll have to consider while doing it is Backpacker Insurance. In fact, it is a pre-requisite for a year visa to both Canada and Australia that you get yourself a comprehensive insurance policy.

Especially if you're planning on trekking to North America, travel insurance is absolutely vital. The only thing is, you probably don't want to break the bank to get it. Travel Insurance for a year from your usual Health Insurance provider will probably cost the earth, so let's try find the cheapest backpacker insurance possible.

If a cheap policy is what you seek, then take a gander at Outbacker Insurance and their website at http://www.outbackerinsurance.com/v4/index.php. Outbacker specialise in insurance for Backpackers, Gap Year travellers, and long haul passengers. Their policies are only available online, so they can pass on the savings of not having a call centre to you.

Their policy is fully comprehensive, including repatriation should anything happen to you while abroad. Their policy also covers 58+ sports and activities, while Winter Sports cover is available on request. The company will also only insure people up to age 39, allowing them to pass on further savings to customers.

The company also offers a "Two Point Five" policy for travellers intending to spend just six months abroad. This policy will allow customers up to 55 to be covered and if you have any kids, their insurance is free under your premium.

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