Car Insurance for convicted drivers

Despite the fact that more and more people are carrying driving convictions thanks to speeding or parking violations, as well as more serious incidents, there are still very few companies who can offer competitive premiums when it comes to insurance.

As the number of convicted drivers increases however, you can expect to see a much more aggressive push by several companies to advertise the fact that they will still offer competitive rates, even if you do have a driving related conviction under your belt.

The problem right now is that few companies are willing to take the risk of associating themselves with convicted drivers, lest it damage their reputation among other customers. Silly as it may seem, given the fact that just because you have a driving conviction doesn't automatically make you a bad driver, appearance can often be very important when you're running a company, and associations that many could see as being negative are often avoided.

Until we can turn that corner in society, or at least until the number of people with driving convictions who need insurance increases to a point where insurance companies can no longer afford to complete ignore them, finding the cheapest car insurance for convicted drivers will remain a chore.

Performance Direct offer special cover for convicted drivers, acknowledging that some offences which carry a conviction are not necessarily worthy of being penalised, while others are. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the quote being provided, they cannot offer you one online, and you'll need to give them a call at 0844 573 3505 to speak to one of their sales representatives.


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