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Young drivers - that's drivers under the age of 25 - are viewed as the riskiest group of drivers to insure by car insurance companies. The punishment for being a driver under the age of 25 is higher premiums on car insurance. If you want the cheapest car insurance for young drivers there are answers that will help you find it.

Pay as you drive car insurance is a fantastic new way of getting on the road for young drivers. More and more insurance companies are realising the benefits of pay as drive car insurance and offering it to their customers.

It works by attaching a tracker to your car that relays information on your driving habits back to the insurance company. The insurance companies can gather a wealth of information on your driving from the tracker, including what roads you're driving on, how fast you're driving and what time you're driving at.

Insurers who offer pay as you drive car insurance often place a curfew on young drivers, banning them for driving at night, most commonly between the hours of 11pm and 6am. This is because most accidents on the road occur between these hours. And if the insurance company is satisfied that you're not driving at night, you can avail of large discounts on your car insurance.

Drivers who break the curfew will be punished by a small fine, usually around £25. However, accrue enough of them and you will soon see the savings you've made from pay as you drive car insurance disappear.

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