Who provides the cheapest Car Insurance for young male drivers?

Are you a young driver more than a little bit miffed at the continuing outrageous quotes you've been receiving for your Car Insurance? There is a way to take back the initiative and get yourself a more reasonable quote, and in this blog, we'll show you how!

Finding the cheapest Car Insurance for young male drivers is a pain, but one company is blazing a trail offering a brilliant Pay As You Go package for drivers like you and that company is Cover Box, who you can find on the internet at http://www.coverbox.co.uk/.

Cover Box policies work by using a tracking device installed in your car to establish how many miles you have been behind the wheel for, and when you did the miles. You are billed at the end of the month, with discounts available if you went under a certain mileage threshold, and if you didn't drive beyond an agreed time curfew, which is usually 11pm at night.

All of the policies you can get from Cover Box are fully comprehensive, including such perks as a free courtesy car, Windscreen Protection, Personal Accident cover and even Personal Possession cover. They also help bring down the price of your cover by installing a free theft tracker in your car, so if it happened to go missing they can pass on the details to the police and get it back instantly.

You can get a quote online within seconds from Cover Box, so check them out today!

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