Looking for the cheapest car insurance group?

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It makes a lot of sense to try to get insured on a car in the cheapest car insurance group when you want car insurance that's affordable. Insurance companies place cars in a different insurance groups according to the cost of repairing them, the performance of the car and the safety features that the car's equipped with.

The cheapest car insurance group is group 1. Cars that are in this category will have the least expensive spare parts. A standard list of 23 spare parts is used to compare the price of spare parts with other manufacturers.

The repair costs and time will also affect what insurance group the car is placed. The cheaper and quicker the car can be repaired, the lower the insurance group it will be placed in. A lot of new cars require different paint finishes, and things like this will be considered when the insurance company is assessing what insurance group your car should be in.

Cars that have large engines and are capable of very high top speeds will be punished by insurers by being placed in the most expensive insurance groups. Most family cars will be placed in groups 10 - 30 and are a good bet for getting a car insurance quote in. The cars in the cheapest car insurance groups have the smallest engines and will not be capable of smashing many speed limits.

If you want to find out what insurance group your car is in, you can get a full list of car insurance groups on the ABI website.

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