How to get the cheapest car insurance in Ireland

In order to get the cheapest car insurance in Ireland, you need to do a comparison of quotes that you receive from the providers. To get an accurate comparison, you need a lot of quotes. To make this process easy and convenient, use an online car insurance broker site to get your quotes. You only need to apply once and that will take about 10 minutes of your time.

Get your quotes online

How to fill up the form

Go to Bestquote.ie and call for a free quote. Alternatively, enter your details into the web form and complete the whole process in 7 steps here, with each step broken down into a webpage:

  1. Enter your details
  2. Enter more details
  3. Get your quote
  4. Apply for an insurance policy
  5. Confirm your application
  6. Make your payment
  7. Get insured

What you get

This site lets you compare quotes from over 20 providers only. Comprehensive insurance starts from EU240 and you get windscreen cover, breakdown assistance and a full no claims bonus protection.

How to pay

You can pay with a credit or debit card in full or via a finance plan.

Compare the providers

You can compare the providers in 2 ways:

  1. Insurance rates
  2. Customer service

Use a spreadsheet programme like Microsoft Excel to create a comparison table. Make columns for the company name, price, customer service and contact information. By using a software programme, it is easy to sort your columns the way you want it; alphabetically, by price and so on.

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