Taking your car abroad? Make sure you're covered!

If you're looking to renew your Car Insurance and you do a lot of travelling, then you'll probably want to get a policy that includes European cover at no extra cost. Believe it or not, such policies do exist!

Taking your car over the Channel on a ferry is an exhilarating experience. The highways and autobahn's of Europe are your playground, but it's important that you stay insured while doing it. Extra ex-pat insurance is always available, but why shell out for this when you can get international cover included?

E Car Insurance in the UK are offering drivers free European cover as standard with ANY of their policies, and you can take a look at their site at - http://www.ecarinsurance.co.uk/eudriveing.php. E Car Insurance offer a plethora of insurance options. They have standard annual cover policies. A pay as you go policy that offers monthly cover that can be topped up by direct debit.

They also offer short-term policies of up to 28 days, perfect for weekends, short trips, young drivers looking to build up a clean history and even test drives.

Multiple Drivers and vehicles can be covered on one policy, while Breakdown Cover and Legal Cover are both included in the package. Quotes from E Car Insurance are available online in minutes, as is a guide to the level of cover oyu can expect from one of their policies. Check them out today for great value Car Insurance that includes European cover.

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