How to get the cheapest car insurance for ireland drivers

Are you currently looking for the cheapest possible car insurance for young Ireland drivers? Then you need to check out quinn-direct.com. Quinn Direct is part of the Quinn group and provide excellent cover for younger drivers at reasonable prices. With Quinn direct you get even more with your policy:

  • Free breakdown cover
  • 24 hour claims line
  • Easy monthly payment plan
  • Multi product discounts
  • 5% discount when bought online

Is is now easier than ever for you to obtain a quote off of Quinn Direct. They have an excellent website which can be found at quinn-direct.com where you can get your quote in minutes. When you click "Get a quote" you simply fill in all of your personal details, car details, licence details and any other information such as penalty points and additional drivers you wish to add to the policy. You will then be given a competitive quote that you have 30 days to purchase.

To keep you car insurance as cheap as possible you should think about:

  • Choose a car with a smaller engine. The higher power the car is, the higher your premium will also be!
  • Install an alarm or an immobiliser for added security. This can reduce your premium by up to 20%
  • Build a no claims discount. This can save you up to 80% off your premium in years to come.
  • Increase your voluntary excess. This is the initial sum of money that you will pay in any claim that may arise

To obtain a quote, simply visit quinn-direct.com


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