We help you to find the cheapest car insurance for newly qualified drivers

If you're a new driver who has just recently earned their full driver's license, then you're probably looking forward to the savings that you'll now be entitled to on your car insurance. Learner drivers always face higher premiums due to their lack of experience, but once you've got your full license you can expect things to change dramatically.

But we've got even better news for you, there are ways to cut your premium even more. We accept that some of them won't be to suit everyone, but they're all worth keeping in mind as you look to find the cheapest car insurance for newly qualified drivers possible.

Restrict Your Annual MileageOkay, so this might not sound like something you'd want to do after finally earning your full license, but the fact is that unless you actually drive lots of miles every week, you could save yourself quite a few  pounds by cojntacting your insurance company and asking them about the savings that could be made by limiting your annual mileage to below 15,000 per year. That's still  almost 300 miles per week, so if you just need the car for driving short distances you really should look into this.

Consider Your Type of CoverageYou can save a huge percentage of your annual insurance cost by switching from fully comprehensive to third party or third party, fire and theft. Although you'll get much less cover, if your car is a relatively cheap starter car then the money you save by switching over for a year or two will probably pay for any replacement if you needed one.

Increase Your Voluntary ExcessAlthough you run the risk of costing yourself more in the event of a claim, increasing your voluntary excess amount should make a noticable difference to the cost of your insurance.

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