The cheapest car lease deals in 2011

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When looking to lease a car, it is important to note the cheapest car lease deals in 2011, in order to maximise your savings. There are a number of sites which help you in your search for the cheapest deal, such as bestcarfinder.co.uk.

Best Car Finder is the UK's number one car leasing search engine. It has a search feature on their website, which you can use to search for budget car leasing deals. This is ideal for those looking for a car to get from A to B with minimal impact on their monthly budget. They have a pool of over 15,000 cars available for delivery nationwide.

They offer a 2007 Chevrolet Kalos 1.2 Se 5 Door, for a price of £92 per calendar month. If you can provide a deposit of $500, after 47 payments you will own the car outright, or alternatively you can lease the car for a short period of time and then choose another.

Alternatively if you are looking for a brand new vehicle, the quotes on offer are very competitive in today's market. A Land Rover Sport 3.0 Tdv6 Hse5dr, will cost £870 per calendar month. The car is valued at over £55,000, so this will be reflected in the premium.

So if you are looking to lease a car in 2011 visit bestcarfinder.co.uk for the cheapest prices in 2011. If you can find a cheaper deal online they will try to match it and do the negotiating for you.

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