Quinn Direct - one of the cheapest insurance companies in Ireland

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Quinn Direct has helped to transform the Irish insurance market over the last 15 years. They have constantly driven down the price of insurance and continue to do so which is why they have gained a reputation for value. Since they opened, they have always been one of the cheapest insurance companies in Ireland. Just some of the great insurance products that they offer include:

  • Car - Quinn Direct specialise in providing cheap but reliable cover to young drivers as well as the more experienced driver. All of their policies include free breakdown cover with homestart. You also get step back no claims protection as standard with any policy. Your premium can be paid monthly via direct debit. There is a 5% discount for taking out your policy online.
  • Home - Both contents insurance and building insurance is available from Quinn Direct. Their policies are very generous and come with a wide range of benefits. Visit their website for more details and to find out what you will be covered for.
  • Health - Quinn Healthcare gives you one of the best levels of cover that Ireland has to offer. With exceptional customer service and unbeatable prices, Quinn Healthcare is second to none.
  • Other - You can also avail of travel insurance, business insurance and motorcycle insurance with Quinn Direct.

Quinn Direct has always been one of the cheapest insurance companies in Ireland, and getting in touch with them is simple. You can call them on 1890 89 1890 or you can visit their website at quinn-direct.com/ireland.

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