We've found the cheapest insurance rates for Turkey

The summer is almost upon us, and that usually means one thing - holiday time! With increases in fuel prices still having a knock on effect on the price of air travel, many people are opting to stay within the confines of Europe for their holidaying this year.

If it's sun and stunning scenery that you're after, then you've probably given some consideration to visiting Turkey for your holiday this year. There's a huge amount to take in on your trip to Turkish paradise, where European and Asian cultures meet to create a breathtaking combination of visual and architectural styles.

Whether you're hitting capital city Istanbul, or scenic Cappadocia's northern Aktepe Valleys you're going to be so overwhelmed by the natural beauty on offer than you certainly aren't going to want to have to concern yourself with whether or not your insurance is adequate. Yet at the same time you don't want to cripple yourself financially with an overly expensive policy for you and your family.

But you can breathe out a sigh of relief! Now that we've gone and found the cheapest insurance, Turkey can become the prime focus of your attention.

www.gotravelinsurance.co.uk offer some of the best prices we've ever come across for travel to Turkey and beyond. They boast coverage of any medical expenses for up to £10,000,000, protection against cancellation or curtailment of your holiday for so to £3,000, coverage for any personal accidents that may occur for up to £25,000 per person and a £1,500 per person protection on all baggage and personal effects.

With prices starting as low as £7.15 per person for single trip coverage, you can't afford to waste any time in getting your free quote ahead of your Turkish holiday from their website, or over the phone at 0844 482 0889.

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