Cheapest online car insurance only in the Rep of Ireland

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Are you looking for the cheapest online car insurance, only in the Rep of Ireland? There are a number of insurance companies in the Rep of Ireland that offer discounts when you insure your car online.

One such company is Axa Insurance, which you can find at axa.ie. They offer a 75% no claims discount and a 10% reduction when you book online. They have a dedicated phone service on 1890 28 28 24, which is available for all online related queries and assistance with your online car insurance quotes. They accept Visa, Mastercard and Laser as forms of payment and you can pay in one lump sum for a further discount, or opt to pay in monthly instalments with an increased premium.

Another great insurance provider is quinn-direct.com. They offer a 5% reduction in your premium when booked online. As an added bonus, if you or your spouse has an existing policy with Quinn Insurance, they will offer you a further 10% reduction. They offer instant cover when booked online with a free 24hr breakdown cover.

While you receive substantial discounts when booking online, it is important to haggle with your insurance company further. You can do this by calling them before you confirm your policy online. Simply tell them you received a cheaper quote off an alternative insurance company and they will give you a much better offer, if not match your other quote.

So if you are looking to insure your car, complete the process online to receive the cheapest quote possible.

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