Looking for a cheap personal loan in Ireland?

Are your finances in a bit of a mess? If you're looking where to find the cheapest personal loans in Ireland, then we've got a couple of suggestions for you. You've got more wriggle room than you'd think!

Ireland's banks and financial institutions are starting to emerge from their hibernation and do business again. With government bailouts and cash injections flowing through their veins, banks are once again offering loans to customers. However, you're going to have to prove extremely trustworthy to secure one.

The easiest way to secure yourself a cheap personal loan in Ireland is by going through a building society or Credit Union. EBS entered the personal finance arena in 2004 in conjunction with GE Money, and they offer fantastic rates to members.

To give an example, EBS offer interest rates around 6% if you've been a member and done extensive business with them. This is a rate that is unlikely to be beaten in Ireland.

Credit Unions offer similarly good rates in Ireland, however, you will need to sign up as a member and start doing business with them before you can avail of their loans.

Credit Unions tend to provide a much more flexible repayment scheme than traditional banks. If your circumstances change, for better or worse, it's possible to get your repayment schedule tailored to suit this. And every repayment with a Credit Union loan brings down both your principal and the interest payable on it, so you're always working towards the goal of repayment.

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