What to Look for in the Cheapest Single Trip Travel Insurance Deals

Many insurance providers claim to offer you the cheapest single trip travel insurance deals on the internet, with some citing prices of less than £10 per week.

But what type of coverage can you expect from these super cheap deals?

We have highlighted some of the main features of a good travel insurance policy, as the kind of things you should look out for if you're considering taking one of the cheaper options.

Medical Expenses

The best of the cheapest single trip travel insurance policies cover you for up to £10 or £15 million in the event of personal injury, but the worst limit the coverage to £1 million.

Holiday Cancellation

Very good cheap insurance offers will cover you for more than £1000 and sometimes up to £8000 for the cancellation or curtailment of your holiday, while poor coverage won't give you any such protection.

Personal Possessions and Belongings

Concerning the damage, theft or loss of your personal possessions or valuables, a decent insurance plan will give you some kind of protection: good ones will provide more than £300, and average ones around £150. The cheapest single trip travel insurance deals won't give you any such coverage, however.

Money and Travel Documents

Again, standard travel insurance policies will give you coverage for the loss of cash or personal documents, sometimes up to the value of £500, but the cheapest deals don't usually offer anything.

Baggage Cover

If your baggage is delayed due to a problem at the airport or for any other reason beyond your control, a comprehensive travel insurance plan will provide you with large compensation of usually more than £1000. Once more, most noticeably cheaper plans offer no such protection.

Travel Delays

Similarly, if your flight is delayed for more than 12 hours, you can get compensation depending on the amount of time you've waited from a strong insurance policy, but a weak one might see you receiving no compensation at all.


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