Cheapest travel insurance for those over 65 - where to get it

Travel insurance is highly recommended for all travellers over the age of 65. The following are some of the insurers providing the cheapest travel insurance for those over 65.

Covered 2 Go

Covered 2 Go have been awarded the best buy for over 60's travel insurance by Which? Magazine. They have policies at very affordable prices and do not discriminate against the age of senior customers. They offer a full range of travel insurance products including the choice of three levels of cover. They also cover all pre existing conditions. Policy types include single trip, annual multi trip and long stay.

Good to Go Insurance

Good to Go Insurance provide cheap online insurance cover for travellers and holiday makers over the age of 65. Their single trip travel insurance has no upper age limit and provides cover for up to 92 days. Pre existing medical conditions are covered and there are three levels of over 65 travel insurance to choose from. Benefits include medical expenses up to £10 million, cancellation up to £5,000 and personal property up to £3,000.

Insure for All

Insure for All specialise in providing travel insurance for over 65s. They provide senior travel insurance for single trips, annual multi-trip policies as well as cruises. Their single trip insurance has no upper limit and annual multi-trip policies are available up to the age of 74. They also tailor policies to suit your needs so that you only pay for the cover you need.

Stay Sure

Stay Sure provide specialised travel insurance policies for the over 50s and have guaranteed low prices. Single trip insurance for 7 nights in Europe starts from just £4.99.

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