Check out the Lloyds TSB Business Loan Calculator

Lloyds TSB doesn't have an official business loan calculator, but it does provide a calculator that can be adjusted to reflect a business loan. The loans calculator combined with the affordability calculator from the Lloyds TSB websites (or external loans calculators) works as an effective Lloyds business loan calculator; all you need to do afterwards is apply the capital holidays you may want to take with your loan, or any adjusted interest which may be a feature of a business loan.

Personal Loans Calculator - The personal loans calculator acts as a calculator for personal loans, not a Lloyds business loan calculator. The loan calculator can be used by anyone who is not a registered customer of Lloyds TSB and calculators interest/repayments from the amount you wish to receive and the repayment period, or calculates the loan you can receive according to monthly disposable income. You can calculate repayment terms up to 60 months, which can provide a brief overview of a business loan but not an accurate representation (business loans from Lloyds TSB can be taken out with a 30 year repayment period).

Affordability Calculator - Another alternative to the Lloyds TSB business loan calculator is the affordability calculator which, as the name suggests, calculates how much is left after all monthly outgoings from a fixed income and what repayments can be afforded for a loan. Again, this may not be suitable for businesses or sole traders, but it can provide a quick overview of what can be afforded each month.

Business Loan Rates - You can create your own makeshift Lloyds business loan calculator by using the two above methods and adjusting interest using the business loan rates provided by Lloyds TSB. You may wish to enquire about a business loan beforehand and discuss the actual APR and repayment holidays you could receive before calculating the loan repayments or adjusting the two calculators above.

If you're not sure how to calculate a loan by yourself, or unsure of the actual rates you may receive, you can use another online calculate to provide a better overview of business loans offered by Lloyds TSB by inputting APR, total loan amounts, repayments and repayment periods. You will have to adjust the overall value yourself to take into account repayment holidays or whether the interest rate is fixed or not. One example of a Lloyds TSB business loan calculator alternative is available at: http://www.loansite.co.uk/business-loan-calculator.htm .

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