Check out this Classic Car Insurance

Finally splashing out and treating yourself to the Classic Car you have always wanted is an unbelievable feeling. It can be hard work finding the right car though, so it's important that when you get it, you make sure it is protected accordingly. This is why we recommend taking out a classic car insurance policy.

If you're about to start looking at the market for Classic Car cover, then we highly recommend going with one of the experts in the field, and not your average Car Insurance company. To this end we recommend you check out Classic Car cover specialist, Heritage Quote. Who you can find online at http://www.heritage-quote.co.uk/. So what can Heritage do for you?

Heritage have been protecting Classic and Vintage cars for years now, building up a great reputation with Car Enthusiast clubs and Classic Car owners alike. They offer a number of brilliant perks on their policies including Free unlimited UK Club track day cover, Free agreed valuation service with certificate, Cover in European countries for up to 90 days per visit, Discounts for Car Club members and limited mileage.

They also allow you to choose your designated repairer in the event of an accident, as well as the option to retain salvage in the event of a total loss.Unfortunately, due to the unique nature of Classic Car cover, you'll have to ring them up to get a quote.

Check them out online for a quote today and get saving!

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