Check travel insurance to avoid Greek tragedy

A word to the wise: if you're travelling to Greece this summer, maybe you think that the financial crisis there is going to serve you well. But if you're not careful it could end up a Greek tragedy. Strikes and protests in the country due to austerity measures designed to put its ailing economy back on track are set to continue, and this could if you're not careful impact on your travel insurance should anything go wrong.

Rochelle Turner, head of research for Which? Holiday advises that if you're going to Greecein the next few weeks, double-check with your insurance companies that you're covered if anything happens due to wildcat strikes and protests. She said: 'If insurance companies feel that something has been going on for a long time, it becomes a 'known event' – people need to check whether they will be covered if they can't get to hotels because of a strike.'

Bob Atkinson of price comparison site travelsupermarket.com said that if you're going on a package deal you should be protected by the Atol travel insurance scheme but if you've organised your own trip be sure to read the small print on your policy.

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