Check your EHIC before travelling

The EHIC card enables you to bag free or reduced price medical treatment in the EU or EEA areas. The cards are valid for five years, so if you have an old E111 card you need to get it updated before you travel or you will be at risk.

'Brits hitting Europe this summer without an EHIC could end up facing a hefty bill if they need medical care while they’re on vacation,' said Bob Atkinson, from comparison service.

Moneysupermarket, which claims more than half of Brits are unaware of the benefits of carrying the EHIC on holiday with them. 'An EHIC is your ‘pass’ to get free or reduced cost medical treatment in any EU or EEA country. Holidaymakers will suffer unexpected financial pain if they don’t ensure they have the right documents and produce them when seeking treatment,” Mr Atkinson said.

Be that as it may, don't think that the EHIC is any substitute for good travel insurance. 'The EHIC only offers relatively low level access to medical treatment. Holidaymakers shouldn’t view it as a replacement for travel insurance, and travellers should also be aware that any non-essential care or treatment can cost extra,' he added.

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