Child benefit payments 2015

Child benefit payments for 2015 are made every four weeks. They start when the paperwork has been agreed and they’re paid directly into your bank account rather than through a cheque or cash collected from the benefits office. Therefore there’s no calendar of payments to remember and no regular pay date either, which can be a bit confusing for a lot of parent who rely on the child benefit payment.
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Weekly payment

Part of the reason the payment is made on a four week cycle is because some of us have the cash per week. If everyone had the payment on the four week cycle, the government would no doubt make a monthly direct to your bank payment the norm for everyone.

Who can claim?

You’re able to claim child benefit for every child you’re responsible for. You don’t have to be the kid’s parent and you don’t need to be working to get this money. Your savings, if you have any, aren’t taken into consideration either. Every kid under 16 can be claimed for, and children up to 20 who are still in full time education up to A Level or other approved courses can also be claimed for. The payment is tax free as long as you’re earning less than £50,000 per annum. If you’re still not sure about your eligibility, why not check out gov.uk?

What is it worth?

For 2015, the child benefit payment is worth £20.50 a week for the first child and a further £13.55 is paid for every subsequent kid. That works out at over £1,000 a year if you have one child so it’s money that’s well worth collecting.

How to claim

Head to gov.uk/child-benefit/how-to-claim and complete the application form to claim child benefit. Before you go, you might want to check out our guide to child tax credits.

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